Bare bones

Shall I uncover myself?
and reveal
the juciy,fleshy, red muscles
strung tightly to
a casket of bones.

Bones that will one day
kill me, turn brittle and fade,
disperse into the air
like an withered rose.

You said love is uncovering.
You said love is shedding.
But i knew, you just wanted me
to manscape. Or trim my hair.
The rotten insides
scares away oesteroporsis.

I remember my mother’s old visits
to an old, dingy clinic
and to the giant conglomerate;
All of them wanted to poke
injections into her bones.
They said she is weak.
Doctor says she could die by
just withering away.

So, they injected her with calcium
made her eat calcium tablets
She now has a big plastic box
labelled ‘medicines’.
Still, she complains of leg pain and back-aches.

Uncovering is a painful exercise:
tugging at the skin
pulling the skin hair
baring the muscles
to a world of microbes and UV-light


a nest of empty voices.




Flickering lights

shimmer the darkness

inside my retina;

flooding gloominess

and plight.


The noise of a ruckus

Of a thousand lawyers

and a single judge.


When papers fly,

the birds go screaming, fast

Ii ecstasy and caffeine.


First a bird, then a a sky

sky lead to showers

and then I  am standing naked,

Staring at the pale tiles.


Tiny shapes,

tiny patterns,


Its raining again.