He sat outside while it rained. The red asbestos sheet sheltering him and the dog. Mother was making coffee in the newly shiny decoction set. And he could see it from the window.

Rain was getting heavier. Clouds were clashing against each other with vengeance. Sparks from flying off the electricity pole. He pulled another chair and put his feet on top of it. The sound of the rain falling made it impossible for him listen to his mother calling him.

She came and nudged him.

Startled and shocked, he let out a shriek—shriller than a girl—and dropped the coffee on the white tiles. He held the steel cup with the coffee falling all over and kept it on the wooden table. Continue reading “Fever”



Flickering lights

shimmer the darkness

inside my retina;

flooding gloominess

and plight.


The noise of a ruckus

Of a thousand lawyers

and a single judge.


When papers fly,

the birds go screaming, fast

Ii ecstasy and caffeine.


First a bird, then a a sky

sky lead to showers

and then I  am standing naked,

Staring at the pale tiles.


Tiny shapes,

tiny patterns,


Its raining again.








Five fingers

A gust of wind

blew sharply over my shoulders

pages flipping,

countless lines flying by.


Rain clouds gather over my terrace

My legs feeling the drops,

fall off my ankle,

leaving a wet spot on my blue camping chair.


the air is now colder;

I wrap muffler around my neck,

Its warm.

It’s not the same.


Far behind the clouds,

the sin shines

with bedazzled beauty

And I protect myself

from the sudden absence of gloom.







The ember light

-I think I am lost-

-No I have lost-

-I am shredded- torn and peeled-

-I tried to look for my old set-

-There were pieces- missing and some just stale-

-Fungus ridden- and stench-

-I breathe- in- and out-

-Fire -when rain’s falling- on the city-

-I am just a fool-

-Who heard a fool’s story-

I can see the keyboard glowing in the dark

 In the dark, I can see.