Bare bones

Shall I uncover myself?
and reveal
the juciy,fleshy, red muscles
strung tightly to
a casket of bones.

Bones that will one day
kill me, turn brittle and fade,
disperse into the air
like an withered rose.

You said love is uncovering.
You said love is shedding.
But i knew, you just wanted me
to manscape. Or trim my hair.
The rotten insides
scares away oesteroporsis.

I remember my mother’s old visits
to an old, dingy clinic
and to the giant conglomerate;
All of them wanted to poke
injections into her bones.
They said she is weak.
Doctor says she could die by
just withering away.

So, they injected her with calcium
made her eat calcium tablets
She now has a big plastic box
labelled ‘medicines’.
Still, she complains of leg pain and back-aches.

Uncovering is a painful exercise:
tugging at the skin
pulling the skin hair
baring the muscles
to a world of microbes and UV-light


a nest of empty voices.



You stink of rulers!

i lie hidden
like a clean underwear
hiding amongst a pile of
unwashed, unclean clothes.

The old cupboard
with straight lines
has kept me suffocated
amongst the stench of these clothes.
The giant lock prevents me from escaping.

Sometimes i hide among striped men
sometimes i hide among the brightly colored clothes
sometimes i just crouch in fear.

Fear of being found
and thrown out
fear of being played whack-a-mole.

Once I slipped through
the tiny light
under the door
They caught me
beat me black and blue.
They turned me upside down
and threw me out.

Ever since,
i lay hidden among
this pile of boring clothes.
Looking for darkness and security.

But that day i found
that a strict and straight ruler
might never understand a poor
clean underwear.

Closing statement: Garden of Eden

In a little castle

far way

among the mountains and the blue clouds

a little boy lies entrapped;

circling with fear and imaginations

gripped with the pages of novels.


Little boy cries at night

when the clock tower strikes twelve

Cold wind rushing in

whistling to the woods unknown

Unseen air creeps

into my blanket

Shadows haunt the plastered doors.


Blood spilling into white tiles

showers washing away the sin

Laughter recedes like a silent smile

A noise lead us to the garden far


Up above

the world so high

like a diamond in the sky,


Where the winds grow colder day and night

A garden festers in my mind.





Grab a chicken sandwich, when you are hungry.

I look at you
And I feel
Earth is round and round
And sea is deep and deep
Yet the sky is pretty dark
                                          “Somebody switch on a tube-light”
And I need to write
About this nervous disorder
As a set of prayers
Offered to Jesus on Christmas

Sometimes I wish I had a god for writing
Bow and beg
For words; slithery eel
Dig my grave, cover it with sand and sleep comfortable
                               “I never forget to take my pink blanket”
And words shall seep and sprout
And maybe even end up as my breakfast
I would not have to worry so much
If all I did was eat
Chew and spit
Stain plain paper
And not shed blood.