Living in the belly

Thinking about Ginsberg’s ‘Moloch’ in the Howl.

Moloch no longer smiles in the dark

covered in grimy smoke of the Industrial revolution

does not breathe fiery fumes or

stare in glowing dark.


From far far away, Moloch is a beast. Moloch is ravager.

But now that I live within the beast;

now that beast has consumed me

crushed me under the cushioned seats and

air-conditioned rooms, filled with survivors.


Many have been consumed by it’s savage mouth

And many live withing the belly of the beast

not looking for a weapon to tear it open

and run free, rather sit inside quitely

and meditate in the silence.

LISTEN! to the war horns blaring outside

fires blazing, poverty, political agenda, riots, religious violence

corruption, corruption of the fourth pillar, commercialization, sensationalisation

water shortage, environment pollution, failure of educational systems, dictatorships,


Everything will turn to ashes outisde

engulfed by flames emerging from Moloch’s eyes.


But inside, it is quite unlike–


Except for the sound of clickety-clackety

of keys being hit

bursts into an symphony

that enjoins the silent murmur of people.


Inside the belly,

we live as brothers,

survivors of the flame.

living our cubicled lives

Sheltering from his wrath.








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