Sacrifice for forgiveness

O! holy poetry

O! blessed one

O! words divine

O! Almighty

Mightier than the mighty

thou created the mightiest.

Forgive me, I am a human

my last confession

was when you left me.


Forgive me that I sold my soul

to the busy-chattering streets

crumbling with maddness

following star-lit advertisemnts

guiding them into the utter hole

of meaningless conversation

and blinded walks.

Forgive me for I have stopped looking

amidst the trampling crowds

that mediate in replication

of ideas and demands

forgive me, that I haven’t torn down the curtain

Of false hopes and dreams–bosom of capitalistic glitter

spread across tall buildings and shapely cubicles.

Forgive me for I have polluted my eyes, my ears

with sounds of meaningless consumption, of eating and drinking

Standing in front of tall flat screens

that reflect images or duplicate identities

of men and women of all sizes

doing things the same way

same time

towards eternity.

Forgive me, I have forgotten your first touch

when every fiber of being wakes into activation

Into a soul condemnation of everything that is not love.

O! holy one you are the only one

forgive me,

permeate me,

sweat, shit and orgasm

through me,

Once again, uplift me

above the clouds

they humble servant

blazing in fire and rain

let me pronounce judgement on the weak souls

that have withered their souls to the urban gods.


Provide me with my daily bread

and amen to you for eternity.


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