Slow moves

Into the Swift caresses of

The western ghats, I was

Washed ashore. Among the sweltering rocks, where waves comes washing in,

A million stars have taken a dip

And they fall

Into the viscosity of nature. Beauty is among the light escaping the intersections of these palm trees

Emerald green like the color of traffic lights, yet

Far away from the chaos and lights

Drowning in the darkness of the canopy of paradise

A seagull builds in the nest, sqawking at tourists. They flew into the safety of their dilapidated buildings.

These rocks have crabs, hiding in the little crevices, pale white hard shelled creatures with pricking tentacles, I lay beside them. Hiding from the blinding confusion of crossroads and intersections.

The city bears a mark

Of my dissected body

Yet the invigorating aurora

Of shades and glistening

Wash me

Again into the black roads of the city.

My skin drying against the salty water

Lies vacant and empty

The waves crashing against the rocks

Slowly, walk in through the gaps

Between my loin and fabric.

As the sun’s dance away to Glee

And a apparition of faces

Cross by,

New bodies turn up. Tired souls,

Covered in the shroud of smoke.


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