You stink of rulers!

i lie hidden
like a clean underwear
hiding amongst a pile of
unwashed, unclean clothes.

The old cupboard
with straight lines
has kept me suffocated
amongst the stench of these clothes.
The giant lock prevents me from escaping.

Sometimes i hide among striped men
sometimes i hide among the brightly colored clothes
sometimes i just crouch in fear.

Fear of being found
and thrown out
fear of being played whack-a-mole.

Once I slipped through
the tiny light
under the door
They caught me
beat me black and blue.
They turned me upside down
and threw me out.

Ever since,
i lay hidden among
this pile of boring clothes.
Looking for darkness and security.

But that day i found
that a strict and straight ruler
might never understand a poor
clean underwear.


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