a system

Hiding under parchments of sheets and months of pages, a system hides

under a thin layer of reason.


Over two beers and a vodka shot, I saw it, the multi-layered river now taking a leap of death.


Dead human skulls align the path

making a barricade

preventing the river from  seeping out


The man near the fall

saw a skulls let out

a breath and sigh.


“I was talking. I was talking. I was talking.”


His voice resounded into the valley and forth

until the ear drums gave into an explosion

A drum roll of death was released into the air

Alongwith a breeze of stale summer fruit.


Azrael swooped down to the earth and picked up babies

still innocent suckling their mother’s breasts.

Mothers cursed heaven and hell,

And he spread evil magic in their tongue.


A swarm of silence enveloped over my keys

wondering what to write.













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