Why should I tell you what it is about?

Its been a while we talked

What else the fuck do you think it is?

I don’t know who fucked your mom or

Who was getting fucked perhaps!

This vortex of space and time

A wormhole flushed to my existence

When my daddy’s sperm and my mommy’s eggs

Went for date

And I got fixed

Like floor upon floors of skyscrapers

No. I was just a single one in that swelling belly

I forgot to thank the creator

The one true love—a whore to my love

From up the heaven stairways spilt

A river of knowledge dark

Deep in color and its not bitter love!

I feel lost. Lost in not wander

Lost in losing. A far horizon fades

A painter’s brush dries in the sun

Like a withering flower the bristles fall

Now I am on a bicycle. Going round and round on a round earth

I am in a cycle so deep

Carved into my brain by the child

His memories so strong they fall

The youthood is just a vile

I wait for my balls to shrivel

My nightmares I care as if they were my dream

The old age wait for the fulfillment

For the infant carved my stone.


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