I want to tell a story: Once upon a time……

Go tell this story to your children *eviliish chuckle*

In short sentences

In crispy potato language

And just emotions.

Once upon a time,

there was a kid on the streets,

Streets with yellow lamps; lined on each side

Streamlined like a fish.

Chequered scarf and a brown cap,

Muddy shoes and a pimple on left cheek,

He used to work at the tea-shop near our house.

He always felt lonely and he was alone,

A bark, a loud one. A more persistent for attention.


It was a dog,

A white Pomeranian, the one that sheds hair,

like trees in  autumn,

Modulate your voices to a much softer and shriller one

POW! pow! pow pow!!!    *Silence*

They always tell you how to bark.

The boy loved the dog and the dog was loyal to him,

Wagging his tail he followed him; shedding more hair,

And barked at any rat that came in the way.

One night after work, they walked together,

The moon shone in full glory,

Illuminating the path to their home,

He raise Snowey to kiss,

Suddenly Snowey jumped out of his hand.

I can see a yellow car,

A huge board saying some ‘TAXI’,

Loud music and ham-burgers is the usual stereotype,

No. This guy is thin and he was just careless and too fast.

Could not stop!

Thud! Splash! SCREEEEECH!

Fresh, hot blood wiped the windscreen,

He lost control and hit a tree,

Out of four, two tyres ran over Snowey’s leftovers,

One from the back and one from the front.

And the boy I found from my street felt lonely forever.


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