I am modern and I know it!

After the British established the East Indian Company and kept us under them for —these many years—we didn’t have a choice but to be ‘Mordern’.
Another Onam passed by and I am wondering what do I call myself. Entire day I shut myself in my room. I definitely had enough work to do but that’s not what troubles. I can see through my window, right down, my hostel mates are helping in the arrangements. But I do not feel any natural feeling to be part of any cultural group. Having born in North India, I do not have the likes of south Indian friends and neither am I a complete North Indian. I get a back from both sides. On worst days, I comfort myself saying I am still a ‘Human’. But then I love eating Sadhyas(food given on Onam) , wearing mundu(traditional Kerala lowers) occasionally and flaunting my Malayalam. Still I prefer to speak English most of the time. I wore a Tee and Jeans and went for today’s Sadhya. My legs were numb with one hour of sitting down and relishing the authentic food. I literally scooped food off the banana leaf and walked out. And I asked the person serving “Ya, I would like that” and not “Enniku Vennum”(the Malayalam version). The priest in our hostel gave a short Onam speech in English.
Considering all this, if somebody asks me if I am modern. I can’t vouch that too. I don’t like this modern lifestyle, it’s just too fast for me.
At the end of day , confusion gets the better of me and I start acting.


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