Truly, truly, the Ethnic Day

Each year, there is a huge traffic block on Hosur Road, cause there is a swarm of Xites, enveloped in their ethnic clothes. The ones that were lying washed and ironed in their cupboards or in some Fab India showroom till yesterday. Untouched. Previous night, one guy from my hostel was looking for a lungi to cover his lower body(from cold?). After a few minutes he was ready for a circus. He was wearing something, a kurta over it and a PURPLE lungi and WHITE shoes. Definitely not even one piece was his own.
It so uncomfortable to wear these unusual clothes and walk. So while standing on the bus top I see a million(slightly exaggerated?) autos with ethnic clothes wrapped around something. It is like a jackpot day for auto-drivers. They get what they ask, rather whatever they ask. This day has just spoilt every single personality that people make sure to carry around them. They try hard to look hard casual but then they look funny. Ethnic clothes, no matter how many times you say it, are still detached from our lifestyle. You can find girls draped with saris around them and finding hard to move. Today, I found a guy wearing something that looked like a Mexican outfit.
“Wow! It looks brilliant(but it does look ridiculous)”. Last time, during their JAM session, somebody’s lungi just fell off. You promote ethnicity and showcase ethinic dance and then people refreshthemselves to a round of some western music and they DANCE. You dance with lungi(really hard to keep this on) and accasionally slips and sometimes even falls. I bet that these people , after reaching home, they just change into a Tee and Jeans as soon as possible. Home!!!!.
The only problem I have is that, I am late for my college and I am not getting a bus. Anyways I got a excuse for going late to class today.


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