Habibi! My little brother

Recently I stumbled upon a graphic novel called H-A-B-I-B-I. Say it the way Arabs say it. French Lieutenants Woman, Light house, Aunt Julia and the Scrptwriter. The list for convoluted and unsuccessful reading experiences is endless. This is one book that rested my arse for 4 hours straight. Most books can’t even attempt this feat.
One Sunday I woke up early. The first task was to download some 400 Mb. With my 3G internet, I downloaded within some 10 minutes. Right on my phone, I read all the 600 pages. I was amazed at the art work. Bold ideas followed by bold lines. Innocent child smeared with the blood of a virgin. Those are one of the few impressions one gets. The plot drags a person from place to another. There is so much flow , I am not sure whether to call it a reading or watching experience.


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